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Alysson’s song “Into Winter” from her new CD
was selected for inclusion on the
Women of’s best musicians station.

WOW! Rating - A+ …Alysson is a gifted pianist and the tunes are piano driven creating an atmosphere both ethereal and beautiful…Dennis Halsey,

What others have said about Aly
Truly lovely song. You *must* hear this! Outstanding! Beautiful! Wonderful piano/vocal piece. (Garage
The piano playing is beautiful. Somewhat reminiscent of Tori Amos' "Little Earthquakes". Very poignant. (Garage
The vocalist has a sweet voice reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or (especially) Loreena McKennitt. (Garage
The quality and sophistication of her music clearly belies her age. She is really quite extraordinary and has already garnered national attention for her work (Elle).. 'Maybe' is Aly's latest song. 'Maybe' is one of the best songs I have found on mp3 (Best Female Musicians). "'Never Know' is the most professional song I have heard at" (Veros).
Gorgeous piano and vocals...excellent songwriting (Prime Artists).
Face it, Aly is a prodigy. 'Never Know' is one of Aly's latest releases - this is an example of artistic development taking place at leaps and bounds. The vocal work is beautiful as usual and the addition of the cello compliments this song beautifully. Strong songwriting, strong playing, strong singing all in all as close to perfect as one can get with a song. I'm a huge Aly fan!!! (Elle)
Alysson has an extremely Clear Melodic Voice and a "JEWELESQUE" sound and influence springs to mind whilst listening to "Never Know" I really admire and appreciate Piano player/singers, she competently backs herself on Piano, rich arpeggios weave their way throughout this song and create a very sweet momentum the entire way through the song. Well done Alysson. A beautiful song with an awesome love song message that Alysson expresses with AWESOME vocals & a great acoustic piano performance. Definite Platinum-Bound artist! From A+ artist radio on
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Chapel Hill Newspaper
April 9, 2003

Somger-Songwriter lends voice to artist's cause
Durham Herald Sun
April 4, 2003
Best Bets!
Chapel Hill News
April 21, 2002

Light and Lively!
Full page picture and review
Fayetteville Observer
February 28, 2003
Best Bets "Phenomenal Woman"
Up & Coming Weekly
October 16, 2002
'Light' Shines on Yakety Yak Cafe

By Brian Dukes,   Arts & Entertainment Editor
While it's not unusual to hear about another Chapel Hill musical artist that's gained some notoriety - it is unusual in the case of 17-year-old Alysson Light. Yes, that's no typo ... she's all of 17. And with a tremendously powerful voice and incredible piano skills, Alysson will shine her 'light' on visitors to the Yakety Yak Cafe on Hay St. with an Oct. 12 performance.

A self-described fusion of "jazz-rock-folk," Light's music is eerily reminiscent of contemporary artists such as Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.

The UNC-Chapel Hill student has already self-produced two CDs, and is working on a third (entitled Looking Glass Conversations ) - of which I was given a demo, which featured some tracks from the second CD, Water as well.

Shortly after pressing play, I heard a few soft piano keys ripple like a peaceful brook into my ears - then the voice of ... Tori Amos? No, not Tori, but Alysson. The confusion is easy at first, as Light's scaling voice and pitch changes momentum and direction much like the eclectic Amos. Light is, in fact, trained in classical choral voice techniques as well as opera, making the most of her steel-strong soprano cords.

Light's singing talents will only improve - as will her songwriting - with the aid of age, experience. At 17, Light could very well be the next Joni Mitchell, but will have to face the challenges of balancing her career and her education. But hey, it's that kind of struggle that gives rise to great songwriting - so angst on!

If there's any single place in which her raw talent could be forged, it's in the small venue coffee houses. This is lucky for us, as we could get to see the very birth of a new star ... but even that takes time, something that Light has more than enough of.

The Daily Tar Heel
August 23, 2001
Chapel Hill Songstress Sheds Light on Cafe

By Michael Abernethy,   Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor
"Talent and a lot of Tori Amos went a long way Friday night at Alysson Light's show at The Carrboro Open Eye Café. Light, a Chapel Hill native, is not afraid to bare her soul through her own song as well as reinterpretations of other well-known female singer/songwriters' famous works to entertain an audience. The 16-year-old singer/songwriter, accompanied only by her piano, played a set that consisted of many covers by recognizable female singer/songwriters interspersed with her own solid compositions. Though the set was dominated mainly by covers, Light's own compositions held the most impressive and entertaining moments in the show. The young artist's songs held up easily amongst the standards that surrounded them, telling stories of pain and angst set upon bleak landscapes. "Into Winter," described by Light as a "more recent" composition, was the best song she played all evening. It displayed a nice range of mood and tempo, at times rumbling like Amos, at others cooing and hushing in the vein of Sarah McLachlan's finest. Light's skill as a pianist was also highlighted best by her own "Moonshell." With its rapturous piano suite in the middle eight and a tight melody. Of all the covers Light played Friday evening, Heather Nova's "Truth and Bone" received the best interpretation. And though McLachlan, Stevie Nicks and The Indigo Girls all got their due, no artist was featured more than Amos. Light's cover of Amos' "Ettiene," with its rolling piano and vocal dives, was certainly one of the evening's highlights. Her cover of Leonard Cohen's classic, "Suzanne" was a much-needed break from the intense female emotion in the set list. Ultimately, what balanced Light's set was her shadowy, rippling voice. Her prodigous mastery and control of vocal phrasing and shape, even while covering such distinctive artists as Carole King, enabled Light to always find her own voice within the song. Even though she did overextend the long arm of Amos, Alysson Light delivered a charming performance full of charm and grace."

Daily Tar Heel
Daily Tar Heel Jan 29, 2001 
January 29, 2001
CHHS Sophomore Surges in Online Pop-Rock Charts
Alysson Light says she has been influenced by the music of
"powerful women in rock" such as Heather Nova and Joni Mitchell.

By Warren Wilson,   Staff Writer
By now, it shouldn't be any surprise when a Chapel Hill musician gains national acclaim. But one can't avoid being amazed when introduced to Alysson Light, the 15-year-old singer/songwriter and pianist whose self-penned "Liquid Eyes" reached number 18 on's acoustic pop-rock chart as of Jan. 21. Light said people are often stunned by the fact that she is only a sophomore at Chapel Hill High School. "I love surprising people like that," she said. But, unlike commercial pop stars who can use their youth as a selling point, the anonymity of the Internet requires Light's music to stand on its own. It does, according to users -"Liquid Eyes" has stayed in the top 50 downloads for two months. "('Liquid Eyes') is based on a girl I knew who had a very haunting kind of face,",Light said. "She has something that could make her .supernatural and more powerful, but also less human." Light's "hit" song, and the additional eight songs on her second album Water, were written in a week last August.. Her father, a UNC professor of cell and molecular physiology, recorded the album at home. The songs on Water are stark and hypnotic, creating a hauntingly pretty sound that sets her apart stylistically as well as chronologically."


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