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Brains. Beauty. Talent. Alysson Light has them all. The folk-rock singer-songwriter and pianist is music’s new bright spot, and her Looking Glass Conversations says it all. The rather brilliant Sarah Lawrence freshman’s sophomore album, poised for release on May 1, is the follow-up to Water, the debut she recorded when she was 15 years old. Both are available on her own WWM Records, via North Carolina-based Red Eye Distributing.

The first emphasis track from Looking Glass Conversations, “Silk Sunflowers,” is already blooming in Top 25 AAA radio charts across the country. The edgy pop song is also a growing favorite at college radio. An actual college student whose music is played on college radio. Now that’s an unusual concept.

And just as interesting and wonderfully ironic, while most college kids are waiting tables or working retail, the twinkling-eyed Light is taking a serious road trip on a national summer tour with the band she recently put together.

• #1 Artist Overall at Artist, (July-Sept. 2002)
• #1 in Folk! #1 in Folk, Jazz, and Easy Listening April,’02; at the same time
• at she was #2 in Pop Vocals, #41 overall; and later #2 in Jazz Vocals!
• Finalist in 2002 NC Songwriting contest
• Finalist in 2003 NC Battle of the Bands as a Solo Artist!
• 2 time Berklee College of Music Scholarship winner
• Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at prestigious Chapel Hill High (James Taylor, Ben Folds, many others)
• performed more than 80 shows, solo (including Lincoln Theatre, Berkeley Café, Cat’s Cradle, Six String, Evening Muse, Middle East -Cambridge, Mass,)
• TV and radio interviews, many press interviews locally and nationally

Her first musical mentor (beginning at age 5) was her grandmother, a piano teacher and graduate of Juliard, and former singer with the famous choral director, Robert Shaw. Alysson now has two CDs and is working on her third. They are available at local record stores and and and

The second CD, titled “Water”, is entirely original works written, sung and played by Alysson herself. The songs on “Water” were inspired by Alysson’s year spent in Utah in 1999-2000, where the dry climate of the high desert left her dreaming of the ocean (“Underwater”) and showery days (“Rain”) of her North Carolina home. Her most popular songs include “Liquid Eyes” and “Minna”, both with mysterious, poetic imagery that is supported by unusual musical backdrops. Alysson’s vocal style is amazing and the songs move the listener with her emotions and dynamics.

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